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What is Skin Needling?

Micro-needling is a relative newcomer to the world of scalp treatment. It utilizes a device that increases the penetration of topical treatment and has been shown to improve hair growth.

The micro-needles are designed to penetrate the top layer of the scalp of the patient, while at the same time not causing any damage. The penetration by these needles allows the scalp to absorb a larger quantity of the topical treatments that men use to prevent hair loss and regrow hair.

Research has shown that when a man pre-treats his head using micro-needles, his scalp’s ability to absorb the topical treatment he is using increases. Some research has also shown that the micro-needling process itself stimulates the scalp and leads to hair growth.

​​How does Skin Needling for Hair Loss work?

Skin Needling for Hair Loss works by:

  • Creating a Controlled Skin Injury.
  • The body will respond by sending Platelets and Plasma to the area to repair the damaged and injured cells.
  • The increase blood supply to the area helps to repair the damage and injuries to the hair follicles.
  • Platelets release growth factors that help to repair the injury and damaged caused by DHT to your hair follicles, therefore helping to promote the regrowth of thicker and healthier hair.

Skin Needling for Hair Loss Canterbury Kent

There has been a shift in the way society as a whole views hair loss. There was a time when if a man lost his hair, it was the end of the world. Their social life was over, they had a drastic reduction in their chances of finding a potential mate and the way they were treated in the workplace was drastically different.

Now, there are a lot of famous, powerful and successful individuals who have gone through male pattern baldness. Losing their hair has not been a detriment.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for every single man out there. For some men, losing their hair is still a blow not only to their appearance, but also to their confidence and self-esteem.

Micro-needling therapy in conjuction with Mesotherapy, has benefited these men and women in their fight to retain and regrow hair.

Skin-needling has been found to stimulate hair growth and can be used to treat thinning hair, hair loss, hardening of the scalp and weak hair.

Cases we commmonly work with are: 

  • Male pattern baldness

  • Hair thinning

  • Brittle hair

  • Female hair loss

  • Post pregnancy thinning of hair

​​​Our Clinic is located in Canterbury, Kent. Only half an hour drive from Ashford, Faversham, Sittingbourne, Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Whitstable, Dover, Folkestone, Hythe. Our Clients also travel from Maidstone & London.

Skin Needling for Hair Loss

Digital Skin Needling triggers your body's wound healing response. Recent studies have shown that wound healing can stimulate the production of proteins that are responsible of development of new hair follicles. It can stimulate blood circulation and increase nutrients to your follicles, resulting in new hair growth.
This can lead to significant improvement for people with male pattern baldness and alopecia.

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How long until Skin Needling for Hair Loss starts to work?

If you follow our skin needling for hair loss treatment timings, results can start to be experienced within 2-4 months if used as a standalone treatment.

By following our treatment protocol, results can include;

  • PREVENT & slow down hair loss, thinning & hair shedding
  • REGROW thinning hair thicker, fuller and healthier
  • PROMOTE the regrowth of any dormant hair follicles
  • BOOST the health & condition of the scalp
  • REDUCE the requirement to take daily tablets & drugs to treat your hair loss.


Single treatment £99 -1h
Course of 6 treatments £594
Get one treatment for free when you buy course of 6.