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The sooner these procedures are started to improve collagen levels and decrease fat content in the problem areas, the better the long term outcome and anti ageing effects will be.

Mesotherapy is the thrilling tried and tested alternative to plastic surgery for dramatically reducing fat deposits from problem areas such as chin.

Effective approach for non-surgical reduction of fat and cellulite. Recovery is quick and normal activities can be resumed the day following treatment.

The treatment involves a series of injections using specific pharmacology to melt fat cells and break down cellulite structures. Most fat reduction requires 6 sessions with multiple injections into the fat layer during each session.

Cellulite treatment can take up to 8 sessions to get the desired smooth effect. And it really works!

Mesotherapy has been practiced widely in Europe for years and is now available in the United Kingdom from a few highly trained and specialized specialists.

Chin Sculpting - ​Eliminate your double chin and enhance your jaw line

A double chin and flabby jowls does not necessarily come with age and these signs are usually recognised when one sees oneself in profile or in photographs.

Double chins or neck waddles are the result of excess fat or hanging loose skin or both. It is very important to make this distinction as it changes the strategy for what will be the most effective treatment.

In the younger patient, it may be a lot of extra fat and not so much extra skin. Older patients usually have a combination of loose skin and fat. 

The sooner these procedures are started to improve collagen levels and reduce fat, the better the long term outcome.

Double Chin Reduction | Canterbury Kent

​​​Our Clinic is located in Canterbury, Kent. Only half an hour drive from Ashford, Faversham, Sittingbourne, Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Whitstable, Dover, Folkestone, Hythe. Our Clients also travel from Maidstone & London.


By being to able to dissolve fatty deposits, lipodissolve mesotherapy is a simple and safe alternative to liposuction. Lipodissolve mesotherapy is the answer to fat loss and body contouring. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise program, this mesotherapy achieves satisfying results without the discomfort and side-effects associated with traditional liposuction.

Mesotherapy for body sculpting involves microinjections of phosphatidylcholine formulated to dissolve fat within the areas being treated e.g. double chin, baggy eyelids etc.

A series of treatments (6-10) are given on a weekly basis and the results are long-lasting, as long as the patient adheres to a healthy diet and regular exercise program.

​Cost per treatment is £99, get one treatment for free when you buy course of 9 (£891).